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Molasses is a suite of feature flag and A/B testing tools that allows your teams to ship code more often with fewer incidents.
image of the Molasses feature flags dashboard. Includes examples of feature flags, how they can be tagged, and whether they are on

Modern teams use feature flags

Feature flags are a technique that allows you to turn on or off features without having to deploy new code. Code for a new feature can live in a production environment for any duration of time without disruption to your customer. When the feature is ready, any team member can turn it on. If there is an issue for any reason, the feature can be easily shut off, limiting impact.

With Molasses, feature releases can be a part of your go-to-market timeline and allows your team to worry less about merge conflicts and long lived feature branches.


Example code of the Molasses Javascript Client.
Your Languages

SDKs in TypeScript, Node, JS, React, Golang, Python, Ruby, and more soon.

Fast. Fast. Fast.

Our SDKs make sure your code runs fast. They get instantly updated as soon as you make changes.

5pm Friday Deploys

Send your code up to production, with the confidence it won't come up on the weekend.

An example of how you can use Molasses to target specific users or user types for A/B Testing and an example of a code clean up pr

Easily A/B test your newest features. Target users by specific traits on whether they receive the experiment or the control.

Clean Up Feature Flags Automatically

Molasses can clean up old feature flags! Simply press a button and a PR removing the tag is opened automatically

Audit Logs and Integrations

  • Detailed audit logging that tells the who, what, when, and where so you can figure out the why
  • Get alerts on changes in Slack. Never be surprised by a change in production
  • Get reminded when it's time to remove a flag from your codebase (Coming soon)
An example Slack message from the Molasses service letting a user know that a feature flag was created with metadata




For small teams or solo devs


  • Client and Server SDKs
  • 1,000 Monthly Users
  • 5 feature flags
  • 3 Environments
  • Slack, Datadog Integrations
  • Unlimited team members
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Perfect for a small team



  • Client and Server SDKs
  • 10,000 Monthly Users
  • Audit Logging
  • Slack, Datadog Integrations
  • Unlimited Environments
  • Unlimited Team Members


For a team of teams



  • Client and Server SDKs
  • 25,000 Monthly Users
  • Audit Logging
  • Slack, Datadog Integrations
  • Unlimited Environments
  • Unlimited Team Members